Wealth Producing Assets

Income Producing Assets are also known as Cashflow Assets and the Intelligent Investors invest in these type of assets. Why? Because as long as they hold onto these assets, it will continue to give them cashflow. So, what are the types of assets that can produce income?

  • Stocks (dividend income)
  • Bonds (interest income)
  • Mutal Funds (dividend or monthly income funds)
  • Businesses (business income)
  • Internet income (domains, blogs, websites, etc.)
  • Real Estate (rental income)

All of the above are considered cashflow assets. This is not a complete list, but gives you some of an idea of the various types of assets that can provide you with a consistent income.

Real Estate is one such example of an Income Producing Asset. But the difficulties with Real Estate is that at first it may look like a perferct investment that promises consistent returns, but then due to mismanagement or incorrect structuring quickly turns into a liabiliy that costs you money.

Here at Pinnacle Wealth Solutions, we have years of experience gained through structuring many of our clients assets. We know what works and what doesn’t work. When it comes to Real Estate, the correct financial structure, including the loan instrument is critical in showing a positive cashflow return on your investment.

Before you make any decisions on property invesment please talk to us. We can give you specialist advice, that can take the guesswork out of your investment structure and can remove the potential pitfalls that may be encountered due to a lack of expertise.

Please contact us today for any questions you may have regarding this article or your financing requirements.

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