Wealth Creation Strategies

Wealth Creation Strategies

Wealth Creation Strategies

As we all know, wealth creation is not taught in schools; the system educates us on subjects and skills with a mindset of becoming good employees, but there is generally little focus on developing strong entrepreneurial or investing skills. Therefore, to learn the skill of making money, you have to turn to someone who not only has knowledge, but experience and results.

Here at Pinnacle Wealth Solutions, we have invested both time and money in gaining the skills and knowledge of wealth principles and strategies. Our financial advice and perspectives are derived from very successful business and investment systems and we take pleasure in mentoring and teaching our clients these breakthrough strategies.

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Kiyosaki revealed some of the wealth principles that rich people taught their children. Creating a wealthy mindset helps in the decision processes when it comes to business and property investment. Kiyosaki also provided insight into the sources of wealth income in Rich Dads CASHFLOW Quadrant.

In the CASHFLOW Quadrant, Kiyosaki outlined that there are four ways to earn an income: as an employee, self-employed person, business owner or an investor. To become more financially secure, he advised, employees and self-employed persons to become more educated about business and investments.

Its not enough to excel at the technical aspects of the job you do, you have to focus on learning how to make money work for you. Employees who depended solely on a job income were at a disadvantage, Kiyosaki declared, as it was not their bosses duty to make them rich. It is your job to become rich, if you want to.

In todays challenging economy, it is even more important to make financial education your priority, by committing time and effort in this direction. Most people waste precious hours every day that could be spent learning about wealth creation. Kiyosaki advised, The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is what they do in their spare time.”

Pinnacle Wealth Solutions is committed to your financial education. Once a month, we send out our “Money Magnet” Newsletter that is aimed at giving you a wealthy mindset and empowering you to make sound financial and investment decisions. In addition to our newsletter, our Blog section features financial articles that will arm you in the fight for financial independence.

Pinnacle Wealth Solutions – we help our customers achieve wealth by utilising proven investment strategies and financial techniques. Get your money working harder.

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