How to prepare for interest rate rises

Interest Rates are going up!!

What can mortgage holders do?

If your a borrower it might be time to “start tightening the belt” – in particular, if you are a borrower with a sizeable mortgage.

Get a lower rate

If you’re currently on a variable rate check to see if your bank is offering a better rate for new customers, and ask to receive the lower rate.

If they don’t budge, it’s probably a good time to refinance to a lender that values you and your business more.

Refinancing your mortgage allows you to change your home loan to suit your current circumstances and also gives you the opportunity to fix a rate to safeguard against potential future rate hikes. It can also give you more control over your loan and can bring with it a number of other benefits. For instance, refinancing your loan may let you access home equity, consolidate your debts into one low repayment, pay off your mortgage faster, and/or have access to better/flexible features.

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