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Wholesale Property Construction Loans

Realise your Vision

Let us help you realise your vision with our Wholesale Construction Loan option.

Whether you are looking to build the home of your dreams or an Investment property, our range of Construction Loans are amongst the best in the market including the option of a variable or fixed rate.

We also understand that while building your own home allows you a certain amount of flexibility, we also acknowledge that this can be a stressful time.

Under our Wholesale Construction Loan you are in the driver’s seat & no payments are made to the Builder without your written consent and knowledge giving you the upper hand and full control over the building of your property.

In some cases, we will even send a Valuer out to the property to sight first hand if the work has been completed as per the Contract. This is always normally done at Base, Lock Up and Final Stages but we can do extra valuations to check on the works if required.

To help ease the financial burden, we can even release the First Home Owners Grant and other Government Grants (if applicable) at land settlement to help finalise the land purchase if need be.

Stuck for time? Don’t worry, we’ll give you 12 months to build your property.

What do I have to provide?

Under our Construction Loan option, the building must be constructed by a Registered Builder please note we do not accept Owner Builders.

In addition to the standard items required for a loan application, to obtain approval for the loan we will also need:

  • Copy of Fixed Price Building Contract
  • Copy of Council Approved Plans & Builders Specifications

Before the first payment is made to the Builder, we will also need to be provided with:

  • Copy of Builders All Risk Insurance
  • Copy of Owners Warranty Certificate
  • Authority signed by you authorising the payment to be made This is required each time the builder asks us to make a payment to them

Upon the request for Final Payment, once the construction is completed, you will need to provide us with the following:-

  • Occupancy Permit provided by the Builder
  • Building Insurance over the property in your name

For more information please contact us. If you are ready to submit your details to request finance please visit our online application page.

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