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With an increasingly large number of home loans available to us today, along with a changing economy and interest rate uncertainty, your current loan may not be as suitable to you today as it was when you obtained it. It could be that the interest rate has changed or the existing loan isn’t meeting your current needs. Whatever your situation, Pinnacle Wealth can help you find a loan that will suit you better.

Refinancing your mortgage allows you to change your home loan to suit your current circumstances more appropriately. This change will generally provide you with more control over your loan and also brings a number of other benefits. For instance, refinancing your loan may let you access home equity, pay a lower interest rate, consolidate your debts into one low repayment, pay off your mortgage faster, and/or have access to better/flexible features.

Pinnacle Wealth offers a series of loans with competitive rates and all have a number of flexible features that will meet your needs and wants.

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